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Entry #9

The Stencyl engine

2012-10-06 17:59:44 by AngeliteCehack

I honestly do not like the Stencyl engine. It provides a whole bunch of premade crap that literally removes the thought process from game creation. Though I am a little tired of engine hoping, I am going to force myself to actually make and PUBLISH a game I can say I am proud of before moving on to Flixel or somethin'.

But here's somethin' I slapped together in no time at all with the Stencyl engine.

If you like sanic, you'll love this. THIS GAME SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! Move with the arrow keys.

Here's another Slphy sprite!

The Stencyl engine


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2012-10-20 15:21:46



2012-11-04 01:32:14

dood ill drink to stencyl being crappy. hard to post decent reviews when people try to claim stencyl work as their own. makes me feel stupid for praising "their" designs.